I've walked past the large studio art classrooms probably hundreds of times and always wondered what went on inside... today i decided to find out...


Cigarette Break

Mark Daughters, Senior Accounting major, takes a smoke break outside the Student Union on Monday afternoon.


"If You're Not First, You're Last..."

Spirits were high on Friday night in the Hornet's Nest where our gymnasts kicked some major butt and took first place against UC Davis, Cal Berkley, and Seattle Pacific!!!

lots of fans came out to share some lovvvve!


5th Annual Sacramento State Track Classic

Over the weekend the 5th Annual Sac State Track Classic brought hundreds of high school athletes together to compete in our very own Hornet Stadium. These kids were so talented; bursting with energy and life. It was awesome to be amongst them and their enthusiasm!


Protest Against 10% Tuition Increase

Walking between classes today I saw this writing on the doors to Calaveras Hall.
Due to budget cuts there is a proposed 10% increase for tuition. This bill will be proposed at the upcoming Board of Trustees meeting. To protest this bill a march at the Capitol is scheduled for March 16.